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Tuberous breast correction near Eton can benefit those with this relatively common breast disorder, which affects the appearance of the breasts. The tuberous look of the breasts can be altered into a more aesthetically pleasing shape through expert surgery. 

The Refresh clinic near Eton sets the highest standards in cosmetic breast surgery, thanks to the outstanding expert skills of Dr Maisam Fazel. Dr Fazel brings with him over 20 years’ experience in the cosmetic breast surgery field, and has produced the most beautiful results for patients through tuberous breast correction.

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Dr Fazel runs five private clinics located on London’s Harley Street, and across the South East of England including two clinics near Eton – in Windsor and nearby Slough. We invite you to attend an initial no-obligation consultation where you can meet with Dr Fazel to discuss your desires for treatment and explore the tuberous breast correction procedures available to you.

Read some of Dr Fazel’s 5-star reviews and see the gallery of before and after photos to view the fantastic results that have been achieved through his tuberous breast correction procedures.

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Tuberous breasts can often be asymmetrical and flat due to a lack of volume in the chest. While many patients choose to include breast implants as part of their tuberous breast correction procedure, there are techniques that don’t always require the need for breast implants.

breast lift (with or without implants), breast augmentation and fat transfer to the breasts are commonly used in tuberous breast correction. A fat transfer is a popular way to replenish lost volume in the breast without turning to breast implants. This method, also known as lipomodelling, takes fat from one area of the body to be used in reshaping asymmetrical or tuberous breasts. It can enhance the size, shape and appearance of tuberous breasts effectively, without the need for silicone implants.


While the breasts can change naturally with fluctuating weight and body changes, there is currently no non-surgical way to completely correct the appearance of tuberous breasts. Surgery for tuberous breasts is a safe, effective and proven way to correct this condition when carried out by a professional.

Tuberous breast correction involves altering the appearance of the constricted breast tissue using surgical methods to reshape the breast and nipple area. With tuberous breasts, the nipple can often point downwards which adds to the drooping look synonymous with tuberous breasts.


Correction for tuberous breasts will depend on the patient’s individual circumstances and the severity of the tuberous breasts. An initial assessment will allow Dr Fazel to advise on the best course of treatment.

Age, weight, genetics and childbirth can all play a part in the development of tuberous breasts and some patients may require more extensive surgery than others. On average, treatment for tuberous breasts takes just 2 hours, and can be completed in a single session under general anaesthetic. 

Tuberous breast correction can involve a combination of proven techniques including:

  • Breast augmentation – using either breast implants or expanders to replenish volume in the chest.
  • Breast uplift – this highly effective technique improves the shape and positioning of tuberous breasts by lifting the breast higher within the chest wall.
  • Fat transfer to the breasts – taking fat from one area of the body to help reshape tuberous breasts and enhance the size and symmetry of the breasts. 

A natural-looking outcome may require one or a combination of these techniques to achieve the optimal results.

About Refresh by Fazel

Patients will enjoy the utmost care and highest standards of practice at Refresh by Fazel. Dr Fazel’s unique background in plastic and cosmetic breast surgery has put his expert skills in high demand. He was awarded the Best National Onco Plastic Breast & Cosmetic Surgery Specialist in the 2019 Private Healthcare Awards, and makes it his mission to provide patients with the beautiful results they expect from surgery.

With an educational background in medicine from Cambridge University, Dr Fazel went on to gain international training with fellowships both in the UK and abroad. He is an established leader in his field with experience working at the renowned Nottingham Breast and Plastic Surgery Unit, and often takes on referrals for complex cases which require his expert skill.


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