At Refresh, Maisam Fazel’s ethos is to be there for his patients throughout their journey. This is especially important during the post procedure period. It is this attention to individualised patient care that marks his clinic out in setting exceptional standards of patient care

With all procedures, the following will be included as part of your aftercare:

  • All take home medications and dressings
  • All post-operative appointments with Mr Fazel. These are typically at 10days, 6 weeks and then at 3 months. More frequent or extended appointments may be required at no extra cost if clinically required or of the patient has any concerns prior to discharge
  • Dedicated ongoing patient support via Mr Fazel’s team and access to Mr Fazel
  • Two year aftercare warranty

Aftercare Warranty

As with any procedure, complications can rarely occur. To ensure that patients do not incur any further costs and to provide you with peace of mind, Refresh provides you with a free wide ranging 2 year post procedure aftercare warranty. This is underpinned by the ‘BAAPS Commitment Plus’, a revision insurance scheme only available to selected experienced aesthetic surgeons in the UK. Details of this scheme are provided together with your quotation.