Donut Breast Lift

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Breast Reduction

A breast lift combined with breast implants, also known as a mastopexy augmentation, helps correct two common concerns women have with their breasts: saggy breasts and  loss of breast volume. Maisam Fazel is one of a few surgeons able to perform both procedures in one operation.

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This involves a breast lift (mastopexy) and the insertion of breast implants (breast enlargement) to provide a more lifted and fuller look. It is ideal for women whose breasts are both droopy and empty, usually as a result of pregnancy, breast feeding or weight loss.

Typically, this procedure can address:

  • Droopy breasts post weight loss or post pregnancy
  • Excess breast skin
  • Asymmetric breasts
  • Downward or inward pointing nipples
  • Wide areolae
  • Empty upper breast

At a Glance

  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Daycase / Overnight: Daycase
  • Type of Anaesthetic: GA
  • Bra / Garment to be worn for: 6 weeks
  • Return to Work (depending on job): 7 days
  • Return to Gym: 2 weeks (lower body) 6 weeks (upper body)


The procedure is essentially a combination procedure involving two of Maisam Fazel’s most popular aesthetic breast operations: Maisam Fazel will lift the breasts to a more youthful, elevated position on the chest wall. In the same operation, he will then insert breast implants to produce a fuller, more attractive breast shape. Maisam Fazel can also use fat transfer to the breasts if a patient prefers to avoid implants.

Maisam Fazel’s breast lift is performed by re-shaping the saggy breast, removing excess skin and tightening the supporting breast tissue. The nipple and areola are repositioned and resized during to further enhance the appearance of the breast. Depending on the case, he uses the donut lift (for which is very well known), lollipop lift or anchor lift.

Maisam also frequently combines a breast lift and implants with a tummy tuck in a mummy makeover which helps reshape the breasts and body.


How does one know if a breast lift is needed?

During the consultation, Maisam Fazel will assess the breast shape in relation to how it lies on the chest and in relation to the body. If the nipple sits below the breast crease, it is likely a breast lift will be needed.

How does one know if a breast implant is needed with a breast lift?

This depends on the anatomy of the existing breast and the overall aesthetic goal desired. A breast lift on its own improves shape, but still leaves the upper pole empty. In addition, the breast lift procedure alone can result in the breast becoming a little smaller. For patients that wish to restore upper pole volume, or who wish to have a more fuller look, Maisam Fazel may suggest the use of breast implants or fat transfer at the same time as the breast lift.

Is a combined breast lift and breast implant procedure more complex?

This is regarded as one of the most complex cosmetic procedures to perform as it involves two procedures with potentially opposing effects. Maisam Fazel has a wealth of experience in this area and ensures all options are discussed thoroughly during a consultation.

What scarring can I expect from a breast lift with breast implants?

This depends on the degree of droop, loose skin and aesthetic goal of the patient. Maisam Fazel can employ a number of different techniques to achieve a breast lift:
Donut lift (periareolar): a technique Maisam Fazel is renown for. It involves a scar around the nipple and is a good technique for patients needing a small breast lift. A small incision is also placed in the breast crease to insert the implant.
Lollipop (vertical) lift: involves a scar around the nipple and extending down in a straight line to the crease of the breast along the middle of the breast. This allows a more significant lift. Some breast tissue is removed to allow for the lift.
Anchor lift: here the scars go round the nipple, down to the crease and then along the crease to create an ‘anchor’ pattern. This technique can be useful when there is a lot of loose skin to remove.

How long does a breast lift with implants last?

This is a frequently asked question during Maisam Fazel’s consultations. It is impossible to predict how the ageing process and gravity will affect the breasts in individuals, but if one maintains a steady weight then the improved, lifted and fuller breast shape should be long-lasting.

Is it better to wait until one’s family is complete before having a breast lift with implants?

Maisam Fazel will discuss this in full during the consultation. If one is planning to have children in the near future, then it might be best to delay a breast lift with implants until after one has completed one’s family breastfeeding, as subsequent pregnancy or breastfeeding can affect the results.