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Quick and effective inverted nipple correction near Bracknell is available at Refresh clinic. Be treated by an award-winning onco plastic and reconstructive surgeon for outstanding results. Inverted nipples can usually be corrected in as little as 30 minutes, with beautiful and natural-looking results. 

Doctor Maisam Fazel is the renowned Harley Street surgeon behind the Refresh group of clinics, in operation across the capital and greater London. Breast surgery, whether surgical or non-surgical cosmetic breast procedures, are what Refresh clinic is best known for. 

Approximately 10-20% of women have inverted nipples. The condition is often completely harmless, however some women experience issues with self-consciousness as a result of their appearance. The procedure to correct Inverted nipples is quick, and produces excellent results.

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There is very little downtime following the procedure to correct inverted nipples. Many of Doctor Fazel’s patients can return to work the next day following the procedure. Other physical activity can usually be resumed within a week.

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Inverted nipples typically occur as a result of the milk ducts being too short or tight. This could be down to genetics and is therefore present from birth. In some cases, nipples can just be ‘shy’, and appear inverted most of the time but can protrude with stimulation.

On occasion, bodily changes that occur after pregnancy or after breastfeeding can cause the skin around the nipple to become loose, which results in inverted-looking nipples. 

If you experience nipple inversion suddenly or later in life, which develops suddenly and a cause is not obvious (breastfeeding or following surgery), this should be checked out by a medical doctor.


If the cause for inverted nipples seems to be the milk ducts being too tight, inverted nipple correction will be carried out to release the nipple from the milk ducts. This is done by stretching or in some cases, cutting. 

There are various techniques that can be used to correct nipple inversion. During a pre-treatment consultation, these can be discussed at length. Since the procedure is relatively quick, inverted nipple correction can be carried out under local anaesthetic.

Inverted nipple correction usually involves Doctor Fazel making an incision at the base of the nipple, before separating or stretching the milk ducts using internal stitches.

Some patients choose to have other breast surgery procedures in combination with inverted nipple correction. A fat transfer or breast augmentation procedure are popular surgeries chosen by those looking to add volume to the breast tissue. This can also limit the possibility of inverted nipples occuring again. 

Ideal Candidate

We would advise all patients to consider the risks and potential consequences of inverted nipple correction. The procedure, albeit quick and straightforward, may not be suitable for those wishing to breastfeed at any time following the procedure. This is because the milk ducts may be severed during treatment in order to release the nipple, and therefore it may not be possible to breastfeed once surgery has taken place. 

Doctor Fazel will always try where possible to keep the milk ducts in tact, however this may not be possible in every case. Most surgeons recommend waiting until after childbirth and breastfeeding, to correct inverted nipples.

Most patients who have inverted nipple correction often find that the benefits of surgery far outweigh the risks. This can also be said for those who haven’t had children, since breastfeeding with inverted nipples is not always possible either.

Full detailed information about nipple inversion correction, the risks and possible complications, will be discussed with Doctor Fazel at an initial consultation.


Inverted nipple correction with Refresh by Fazel starts at £1800. Before any procedure can begin, patients will be invited to attend an initial no-obligation consultation. This is a chance to meet your surgeon, ask any questions you may have and be assessed for treatment. You will also be taken through all available treatment options, as well as expectations of results.

View the gallery of before and after photos to see the results that can be achieved through surgery with Refresh clinic. Doctor Fazel has an exceptional reputation for natural-looking results and we pride ourselves on first-rate patient aftercare. For the highest standards in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic breast procedures, look no further than Refresh by Fazel.

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