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Tummy Tuck Windsor

Tummy Tuck surgery is available in Windsor at Doctor Maisam Fazel’s Refresh Clinic – with a level of care that is likely unmatched locally or across the UK.

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Tummy tuck surgery, or to give it the proper term abdominoplasty – is a highly popular procedure in Windsor that has a clear objective – to remove excess skin and fatty tissue from the lower abdominal region. It creates the firmer, flatter, leaner tummy that you dream of.

In this page, we outline the benefits of a tummy tuck, who it is for, what the procedure entails and also the different degrees of tummy tuck – it can vary from fairly minor surgery to an operation that removes fat from the tummy, sides and back.

However, we will also speak a little about Doctor Maisam Fazel and the Refresh Clinic.

You have probably arrived at this page because you are fairly certain that a tummy tuck is the procedure you wish to have, or at least consider. Who, though, should you entrust?

There are many fine surgeons in Windsor and the surrounding area, there are also superb facilities – Doctor Fazel uses  the state-of-the-art Princess Margaret hospital.

The tummy tuck is also a procedure that the majority of cosmetic surgeons will offer and be experienced at performing. You should not consider Refresh and Doctor Fazel out of concern that other options are flawed, instead please consider him because his CV demonstrates he is the best.

It is easy to speak of experience, customer care and a level of skill, but what do the facts demonstrate?

Unique To You

Doctor Fazel at Refresh Clinic stands out because he:

Was awarded the University Prize in Medicine from Cambridge University

Has held Fellowships in both the UK and US

Has trained other surgeons at the Royal College of Surgeons

Was named Best National OncoPlastic Breast & Cosmetic Surgery Specialist in the 2019 Private Healthcare Awards

Underwent extensive training that included time at the renowned Nottingham Breast & Plastic Surgery Unit

Has a stunning rating and series of verified reviews on sites such as RealSelf and TrustPilot

Tummy Tuck Expertise

It is worth noting that Doctor Fazel IS Refresh Clinic – this is not a clinic where a leading surgeon’s name is attached but then you run the risk of seeing a junior member at consultation. Your consultation will be with Doctor Fazel, he will answer any queries you may have and, if surgery is the best option, he will be your surgeon.

This ensures that you benefit from true expertise at every stage.

In a web page, it is impossible to outline the precise nature of surgery in any one instance. Instead, this is where consultation is key, the patient outlining their ambitions for surgery and Doctor Fazel suggesting the course of best action and the nature of the proposed surgery.

The extent of the tummy tuck will influence the length of surgery and the recovery time.

Every patient is different and the patient does not need to be an expert in the varying degrees of tummy tuck, from a mini tummy tuck through to a full one. Instead, simply approach the consultation with a view to being open and honest and Doctor Fazel can recommend the best course of action.

Patient Suitability

A tummy tuck is suitable for those who have excess skin and fat in the tummy region, whether this is a relatively small amount through to a need to remove far more tissue. There are different forms of tummy tuck procedure from a mini version through to a far fuller abdominoplasty – the extent of surgery vaires but the aim is consistent – to create that slimmer, more taut and attractive figure.

Broadly speaking, those who are in reasonably good overall health but have this one issue they wish to address will be suitable. However, any experienced plastic surgeon will factor in your medical history.

Suitability also refers to whether the surgery can achieve the changes you seek, these may be both physical and to mental health. Concerns with our appearance can greatly diminish confidence and self esteem, this then impacts all areas of life.

A tummy tuck can change this, leading to far greater body confidence. Holidays, for example, or physical intimacy may be something that is approached with a much improved mindset if there are no body concerns impacting confidence.

It should be noted that a tummy tuck is not a treatment for obesity, instead it targets fat accumulation in a specific region.

The tummy tuck addresses the following:

  • Sagging overhanging skin
  • A protruding pouch
  • Lax or divided abdominal muscles
  • Excess fatty tissue
  • Poor body confidence after pregnancy or weight loss


On the dedicated page for tummy tuck surgery, we have a gallery of before and after photos, these show a range of surgeries to treat varying degrees of excess skin and fat.

Frequently asked questions are also answered – some of those included below.

Is a tummy tuck painful?

Although the closure and tightening of the abdominal muscles can be uncomfortable, Maisam Fazel uses a long-acting local anaesthetic solution which significantly helps with the discomfort. As a result the procedure is frequently less painful than most people imagine. Most commonly, patients voluntarily stop taking their painkillers 5- 7 days after surgery and are back at work 10-14 days post op.

Will having liposuction alone give the same result?

Liposuction removes fat but still leaves the skin behind. Unless the skin is youthful, having liposuction alone can result in loose dimpled skin which is why patients often need skin excision (and hence the scar) especially after pregnancy or weight loss.

What is the difference between a full tummy tuck and a mini tummy tuck?

In a full tummy tuck, the scar tends to be longer, the muscles are tightened and the belly button is repositioned. This usually gives a more dramatic result. In a mini-tummy tuck, only skin from the lower abdomen is excised and thus the scar tends to be smaller, and a more modest improvement is achieved. In addition, with a mini tummy tuck, virtually no change is seen in the upper half of the abdomen, while in a full tummy tuck, there is considerable improvement of the upper half due to the muscle tightening.

Tummy Tuck with a Mummy Makeover

Many women seek a tummy tuck as part of the so-called mummy makeover, this where excess fat and skin is removed from the abdomen and breast augmentation is also performed. The grafted fat is often used to help shape the breasts, ensuring they look completely natural and in keeping with your body.

If this is an option you would like to consider, please simply raise it during consultation and Doctor Fazel can assess suitability and talk you through the details.

Reviews for Doctor Fazel and Refresh

It is easy to speak of having a superb ethos and being a leading surgeon, but what do independent, verified reviews say?

Please do take the time to browse reviews and do this for any surgeon you consider.

TrustPilot Reviews

RealSelf reviews

About Doctor Fazel

The Refresh Clinic is Doctor Fazel –  a truly personalised approach whereby every patient benefits from his skill and experience.

Doctor Fazel is an award-winning surgeon, who was awarded the Best National Onco Plastic Breast & Cosmetic Surgery Specialist in the 2019 Private Healthcare Awards.

He is a key opinion leader and regularly invited to talk by leading organisations, his status is such that he is part of the teaching faculty for the Royal College of Surgeons.

A full biography is available on this site, as you will see by entrusting him you will be in the very safest of hands.

The aftercare

The level of aftercare sets many surgeons apart.

Doctor Fazel takes personal responsibility for all after care.

The aftercare at Refresh is second to none. Maisam Fazel personally sees his patients during their post-operative recovery and is always at hand to answer questions and address any concerns. This attention to detail, level of personalised care and of course great results is evident in the large number of positive reviews he receives on independent feedback sites like Trustpilot and Realself.

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Location in Windsor

Doctor Fazel sees Windsor patients at the BMI Princess Margaret Hospital.

This private hospital has leading facilities and is the choice for the top surgeons operating near to Windsor. The standard of care is first class.

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