Breast Reduction Maidenhead

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Breast Reduction Maidenhead

Breast reduction in Maidenhead is performed by the award-winning onco plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Maisam Fazel. 

With over 20 years’ experience in the cosmetic surgery field, Doctor Fazel is able to offer natural-looking, beautiful results with breast reduction surgery.

If you’re looking to reduce the size of large or disproportionate breasts, surgery to remove excess fat, tissue and skin could be an effective solution. Not only does this achieve a more desirable appearance, but it could also help to alleviate pain and discomfort physically and psychologically.

Doctor Fazel is the specialist at the forefront of the Refresh clinics in operation near Maidenhead and surrounding areas. 


Doctor Fazel operates out of Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor, near Maidenhead, as well as other sites across London and the South East including London’s Harley Street. 

Read more about breast reduction surgery and other cosmetic procedures available with the Refresh Clinic near Maidenhead.

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In as little as 2.5 hours you could achieve the look you desire with breast reduction surgery. Patients can be treated as a daycase under general anaesthetic and return to work and daily activities within 7 days from their procedure.

With an exceptional reputation, many patients trust Refresh Clinic for their cosmetic surgery procedures since Doctor Fazel is a highly qualified and experienced onco plastic surgeon.

Refresh Clinic is proud to offer unparalleled patient care from start to finish – from the first consultation to every step of recovery.

Make the first step on your breast reduction journey with a no-obligation consultation with Doctor Fazel who will take the time to discuss the surgical procedure and understand your cosmetic surgery goals. 


Large breasts can have a negative impact both physically and emotionally by impacting lifestyle and self-esteem.

Patients choose Doctor Fazel for breast reduction in Maidenhead to address:

  • Overly large or disproportionate breasts
  • Pain in the back, neck or skin conditions
  • The ability to find clothes that fit properly
  • Lifestyle restrictions – ability to perform physical exercise and other activities
  • Lack of body confidence 

Doctor Fazel consistently receives 5 star reviews across a range of independent review websites and is regularly recommended by peers and patients alike. 

Why Choose Refresh

Refresh Clinic is proud to maintain an excellent reputation for being a patient-centric clinic that offers the best in cosmetic surgery. 

If you’re seeking natural-looking and long lasting results, Doctor Fazel is extremely well-placed to craft a personalised approach to help you reach your breast reduction goals.

View the before and after photos and find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about breast reduction surgery in Maidenhead.

About Doctor Fazel

After completing his studies in medicine at Cambridge University, Doctor Fazel went on to gain medical training abroad and has worked at leading hospitals across London, Paris and Milan.

He is regarded as a key opinion leader in his field and has worked alongside some of the leading surgeons in the UK and abroad. 

Doctor Fazel has held fellowships in both the UK and USA as well as gaining experience working in the renowned Nottingham Breast and Plastic Surgery Unit. 

He is often approached to lecture at conferences worldwide, and was recently awarded the Best National Onco Plastic Breast & Cosmetic Surgery Specialist in the 2019 Private Healthcare Awards.

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