What happens during a cosmetic surgery consultation?

The cosmetic surgery consultation period is seen by many plastic surgeons as the most important part of any procedure, and for good reason: for the patient, it’s the opportunity to have their mind put at rest about the nature of the procedure. For the cosmetic surgeon, there are a number of factors to a successful cosmetic surgery consultation.

The most important part of the consultation is to ascertain whether the patient can articulate clearly what they are hoping to achieve from cosmetic surgery and, furthermore, whether they have realistic expectations. Secondly, the cosmetic surgery has to ensure that the patient can make informed consent which means explaining every aspect of the procedure, recovery process and possible outcome clearly. Obviously, they will also want to convince the prospective patient that they can provide the best care possible.

There’s no set time for the ideal plastic surgery consultation. It could be as short as a half an hour, or longer than an hour, depending on the complexity of the procedure. A reputable plastic surgeon will welcome further questions from the patient or a repeat consultation if necessary.

What do I need to know from a cosmetic surgery consultation?

Several factors regarding surgery should be discussed with the surgeon during initial consultation, including procedure, location, anaesthesia, recovery, and cost. If you need a checklist, try this:

What is the optimal cosmetic surgery procedure to achieve the results I’m hoping for?

How will the procedure be performed?

How long will the procedure take?

What alternative options are available, including not undergoing a procedure at this point?

What results can I expect, and how long will they last?

Where will any scars be located, and how obvious will they be?

Will scars fade over time? How long will this take?

Then, you need to discover the surgeon’s experience in the procedure you desire. How many times have they performed this procedure, and for how long? What complications could occur from this procedure? And how many of their clients have required further procedures?

Knowledge is power

In short, you need to come away from the cosmetic surgery consultation having covered everything you need to know before making an informed decision. And if you feel you’re not getting that from the cosmetic surgeon in question, then it is important to look elsewhere.

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