What can I do to prepare for my breast reduction?

For many women, having very large breasts is far from a blessing and can be distressing both physically and emotionally. After years of putting up with it, the decision itself to have a breast reduction can bring great relief – and it is very natural to feel impatient about being able to get on and enjoy the results.

During your Berkshire breast reduction consultation, Mr Maisam Fazel will explain that with any procedure requiring a general anaesthetic, your body will need some downtime after surgery – so what can you do ahead of the big day to make your recovery as sound and speedy as possible?

1. Clear your diary

Your breast reduction surgery – or reduction mammoplasty – usually requires a single night stay in a top Berkshire clinic. You will be sent home with dressings on and instructions on aftercare, including which movements to avoid and how to look after your wounds. As a general guide, you will be able to resume most normal, light activities after a fortnight. Bear in mind that in the days immediately following your breast reduction surgery you will feel tender and possibly uncomfortable so you will be glad to have avoided making any diary commitments.

2. Quit smoking

Nicotine in the bloodstream can not only cause complications when under general anaesthetic but it can also interfere with the healing of breast reduction scars. Your surgeon will advise you on the critical timings for avoiding cigarettes and nicotine-replacement products.

3. Get match fit

The healthier you are, the more able your body is to cope with surgery – and the quicker you will be back on your feet and able to enjoy your new, slighter frame. Keep your activity levels up and your stress levels down, cut down on alcohol and boost your wellbeing with healthy, nutritious food.

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