Want to remove your moobs? Let’s talk gynaecomastia

If you’re male, the last thing you want to talk about is breast surgery. Gynaecomastia is a hugely misunderstood condition, and a highly embarrassing one. Simply put, it’s the breast-like appearance on the chest – more commonly known as ‘Man-boobs’.

We all know that when men gain weight, it initially manifests itself in the chest and stomach area – but no matter how much work you put in at the gym or how well you can avoid the temptations of the pub and the takeaway, you can still fall victim to gynaecomastia. And if you’re one of the many males who suffer for this condition, the only way to get rid of them is through a cosmetic procedure.

What is Gynaecomastia?

Simply put, it’s a condition that a lot of men experience during puberty: a hard, tender lump just behind the nipples, usually on both sides. As soon as the hormonal maelstrom of our formative years calm down, the condition usually goes away. But sometimes it doesn’t.

Some men react to this by putting in some serious upper-body work in the gym, but that’s a counter-productive measure: they remain the same size while everything else looks leaner, making them stick out even more. Others will deliberately pile on the pounds in the hope that they’ll blend in – but again, the chest area reacts by becoming even more prominent.

How do I get rid of them?

The best way to reduce the male breast is through surgery. The typical method involves a minor liposuction procedure, followed by a removal of the prominent breast tissue. It’s a very simple and relatively painless procedure – and while there will be scarring around the nipple, but it’s extremely minor (and if you have chest hair, eventually completely undetectable).

If you’re tired of standing out, come and see us here at Refresh Cosmetic Surgery. And for more information on male breast surgery, please consult our page.

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