Split Earlobe Correction

Split or stretched earlobes are a common problem that Maisam Fazel can correct with a simple surgical procedure.

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Refresh Cosmetic Clinic – Split Earlobe Correction Refresh Cosmetic Clinic – Split Earlobe Correction
Refresh Cosmetic Clinic - Split Earlobe Correction


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Refresh Cosmetic Clinic - Split Earlobe Correction

What are the benefits of split earlobe correction?

The earlobe is a thin and delicate area of skin and fat that can easily stretch and split after wearing heavy earrings for many years. Tribal earrings can cause the hole to become enlarged and the lobe significantly stretched. Accidental trauma can also cause the earlobe to split.

Split earlobe correction thus can correct:

  • Split or torn earlobes
  • Enlarged holes
  • Stretched, sagging lobes
Refresh Cosmetic Clinic - Split Earlobe Correction

What to expect when having split earlobe correction with Maisam Fazel?

Split earlobe correction is a small surgical procedure which Maisam Fazel performs under local anaesthetic. The procedure takes about 20 minutes to perform.

Maisam Fazel employs several different surgical techniques depending on type of correction required concern. Overstretched skin can be removed, tissue repositioned and new edges formed which can knit together.


Is split earlobe correction painful?

Local anaesthetic is used during the procedure. Afterwards patients may feel some slight discomfort but this wears off within a day.

When can earrings be worn again after earlobe correction surgery?

Maisam Fazel advises patients to wait 2 months after surgery before having your ears re-pierced.

What is the recovery like after earlobe correction surgery?

Patients should be able to return to normal activities immediately but avoid vigorous exercise for two weeks. Patients also need to avoid dying their hair for a couple of weeks after surgery.

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