Top 3 mummy makeover myths

For many women, the joy of having a baby is often followed by dismay at the body the process has left them with: excess skin, stubborn pockets of fat, a saggy tummy and drooping breasts. Turning to cosmetic surgery to help regain the pre-baby contours is an increasingly popular choice.

A mummy makeover is a procedure that, in standard cases, combines a tummy tuck, breast lift (with or without implants) and liposuction; depending on their individual requirements, some women may also opt for simultaneous treatments such as nipple correction.

When patients present at Mr Maisam Fazel’s Essex mummy makeover clinic, they voice many misconceptions they have heard which are obfuscating their decision-making process. Here are just three.

Myth 1. Mummy makeovers are just for celebs

Whether or not you are in the public eye, what matters is how you feel about your body. Feel painfully body-conscious can chip away at a woman’s self-confidence, which in turn has an impact on many aspects of life. Celebs have certainly raised the profile of the mummy makeover – but it doesn’t mean it is exclusively for them.

Myth 2. Diet and exercise can do the job of a mummy makeover

There are some women for whom regaining their firm, tidy contours after having a baby is relatively straightforward. For many others, however, no amount of exercise and clean eating is going to restore their skin’s youthful tautness, or add volume to breasts that are depressingly deflated, or re-join abdominal muscles that separated during pregnancy leaving a paunch.

Myth 3. Mummy makeovers result in extensive scarring

During your Essex mummy makeover consultation, Mr Maisam Fazel will explain what scars you should expect. Where there is a surgical incision, there will always be a scar; however, when in the hands of a skilled, experienced surgeon who is trained in the latest techniques, the scars will be as fine and as discreet as possible.

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