The Mummy Makeover: how soon?

We know what the effects of childbirth can do to a woman’s body. We also know that cosmetic surgery can do a hell of a lot to give you the body you want. Put those two facts together, and it’s not surprising that the Mummy Makeover – a selection of procedures that can reset your body shape after the punishing routine it’s been through – is growing in popularity.

While a woman’s body can recover to an extent after pregnancy and the post-natal phase, with loose muscles and stretched skin improving slightly over time, many women desire the firmness they had before. But how soon should you be considering a cosmetic procedure?

The short answer is: it depends

Just as every woman handles pregnancy and the post-natal stage in different ways – both physically and mentally – so it is with post-pregnancy surgery. While there’s no reason whatsoever for not undergoing a consultation at the earliest possibility, the professional practitioner will not agree to undertake any surgery until the client is fully ready for it – and there are a range of questions that have to be answered before that happens.

Are you intending to have more kids?

If so, and you’re looking for a post-maternity tummy tuck, we’ll see you when you’ve had your last child. A tummy tuck does two things: tighten the abdominal muscles, and remove excess skin – which you’re going to need if you’re intending to become pregnant again.

Are you breastfeeding?

If so, and even if you’re not, you can rule out a breast lift or reduction until at least three months after they cease lactating – and in some cases, six. There are two main reasons for this: firstly, because even if you’re bottle-feeding, your breasts are very unstable. They increase in size during pregnancy and at the start of the breastfeeding stage, and then lose volume afterwards – and there’s very little point in modifying anything until the surgeon knows what state they’re in. Secondly, and most importantly, your breasts are on loan to someone else for a while.

Has your body reset?

The chemical reactions that are triggered in the body during pregnancy take their own sweet time to calm down – and there’s no set time for that. Could be six weeks after childbirth. Could be a year. Our advice is to consult your GP. Oh, and one more thing: have you factored in the two weeks of downtime you’ll need after the procedure?

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