Take on 2017 with a non-surgical eyelift

If the bags under your eyes are taking a little longer to disappear these days – or they’re not going at all – maybe it’s time to consider getting a little help from the experts. Here at Refresh Cosmetic Surgery in Berkshire, we are delighted to introduce a non-surgical alternative to the blepharoplasty procedure

Blepharoplasty – known to the layperson as an eyelift – is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can make a huge difference to your appearance, making the entire face appear younger without giving the impression that you’ve had a cosmetic procedure. However, many patients aren’t keen to undergo a surgical procedure with all the potential risks and downtime. Until now, though, there hasn’t been a non-surgical solution that can effectively rejuvenate this area of the face.

The PLEXR non-surgical eyelift

The PLEXR non-surgical eyelift works by lifting and tightening the skin around the eyes by sublimating the skin. The device ionises the gas particles between the tip and the skin, turning solid skin into a gas. The superficial skin cells are removed with no damage to the surrounding tissue and the skin fibres instantly tighten and contract. The eye area has always been a challenging part of the face to treat as the skin is thin and very delicate; with the PLEXR non-surgical eyelift, no skin incisions are made so there’s no downtime or risk of scarring, but a lift similar to a surgical intervention can be achieved.

The upper and lower eyelid lift

There are two different types of eyelift: an upper non-surgical eyelift is deployed to eliminate the effect of a drooping upper eyelid, which can hang over the eyes and make them less prominent. A successful upper eyelift can soften frown lines, calm down crow’s feet, and bring out the look of the eyes.

A lower non-surgical eyelift is aimed at tackling the problem of bags and puffiness under the eyes, smoothing out the area and restoring vitality to the eyes. It can also make a difference to ‘tear troughs’ – the deep hollows under the eyes.

In both cases, the results can be tremendous – for a gallery of Before and After photos taken at our clinic, click here.

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