Make it the whitest Christmas ever with Liquid Smile

It’s getting close to Christmas, which means more parties, more photos, and more smiling – whether you want to or not. And if you’ve been more naughty than nice to your teeth over the past year with wine, cigarettes, tea, coffee, and fizzy drinks, they may not be the pearliest of white. So is it time you treated yourself to a quick and effective treatment?

When we’re asked about a solution to stained and discoloured teeth, we point to the one product that actually works: it’s called Liquid Smile, it’s available only from dental and medical professionals, and it’s a paint-on whitening pen that takes less than a minute to apply, is easy to use, and gets results within two weeks.

It’s all about the H202

The reason that Liquid Smile works so effectively is because it delivers the highest concentration of H202 (otherwise known as hydrogen peroxide) to the surface of your teeth. While other whiteners use carbamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide has been proven to be three times stronger and four times faster during the tooth-whitening process. When it comes into contact with those stains, H202 safely breaks them down in a controlled non-toxic manner. It’s the only germicidal agent that is composed solely of water and oxygen, making it the safest natural sanitizer available. The gel is manufactured using only the purest ingredients and the O2 bubbles within begin to remove tooth stains almost immediately.

The simplest route to the whitest smile

The Liquid Smile routine is simplicity itself: at the end of the day, you ‘paint’ the solution onto your teeth using the conveniently built-in brush. The formula goes to work while you sleep. There are no strips that can slip about in your sleep or dental trays that cause drooling. After a mere fortnight, you’re well on the way to the smile you’ll want to share.

Liquid Smile is available at Refresh Cosmetic Surgery, so if you want to tackle your tooth-stain issues and regain your confidence in your smile, contact us here.

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