Let your wings fly away with Brachioplasty

There are many reasons why the flesh under the tricep areas begins to sag and droop: age plays a part, but so does a general lack of fitness, being overweight and a lack of natural production of testosterone.

Exercise can help tone the upper arms, but the sad fact is that it won’t fully eliminate the problem, particularly when the natural elasticity of the skin is on the wane.

Brachioplasty – or an arm lift to you and me – is the answer to the problem of ‘bingo wings’. It’s the medical term for surgery aimed at removing the excess fat and skin that has accumulated over time, with the goal of restoring the smooth skin and contours that time has taken away.

Am I fit for Brachioplasty?

If you’re of normal weight and good health, the answer is yes. In fact, a lot of our clients have come to us after a successful fitness and dieting regime and have discovered excess, sagging skin under the arms.

The actual procedure depends on the shape of the arm. If the fat in the upper arm is minimal, a simple liposuction procedure may suffice.

A full arm lift may be the better course of action if the client has more fat and sagging skin: this involves an incision – sometimes made under the armpit (known as ‘short scar brachioplasty’), and in extreme cases from the elbow to the chest (known as ‘long scar brachioplasty’).

Get the shape you want instantly with an arm lift in Berkshire

All procedures are performed under local or general anaesthesia, with full recovery occurring after a couple of weeks.

So if you want to be rid of your arm problems for the New Year and be able to expand upon your wardrobe with confidence, now is the time to book a consultation with Refresh Cosmetic Surgery in Berkshire.

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