Is this the right time for my mummy makeover?

For many women whose family is complete there comes a time when they just want their body back. Too many times they have been dismayed by their reflection in the mirror: the once pert breasts heading on a journey southwards and a formless abdomen sporting battle scars and saggy skin. Then there are the altered nipples and the pockets of fat stubbornly collecting in new areas. Some women act fast, determined that their fear of a bikini does not become part and parcel of family holidays. Other mothers, however, put it off, often feeling they can’t justify doing it right now.

When is it not the right time?

During your Essex mummy makeover consultation, Mr Maisam Fazel will discuss your motivations for surgery and ask how you have come to your decision. He advises patients against having a tummy tuck or breast augmentation if there is even the smallest likelihood they may choose to have more children. There is no medical reason not to go through pregnancy again once you have had surgery but the aesthetic results will be significantly compromised.

It is also advisable to avoid having your mummy makeover at a time of great stress – a break up, divorce, bereavement or house move, for example. These events can leave you without the strength you need to make a swift recovery – and emotional turmoil can confuse your resolve about any cosmetic surgery decision you have made.

The decision must be yours

People cite a wide variety of reasons for wanting cosmetic surgery. Whatever the reason, it is paramount that the decision to have a mummy makeover is yours and yours alone, that you understand the limitations of surgery and that you have all the facts to hand. Mr Maisam Fazel encourages prospective patients to talk through any doubts in their Essex mummy makeover consultation and ensures that no one is rushed or pressurised into making any decision at all.

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