I’m nervous about my mummy makeover

So you’ve made the momentous decision to have a mummy makeover and have a date for the procedure.

Having spent the last however-many years feeling horribly self-conscious about the general droopiness that has taken hold of your post-baby body, you can’t wait to get a spring back in your step, to get undressed with the light on, maybe even to brave a bikini once again.

Yet, as the day approaches, you’re getting cold feet… Here are three of the most common causes of pre-surgery nerves that Mr Maisam Fazel hears in his Berkshire mummy makeover clinic.

1. What if something goes wrong?

All surgery carries an element of risk and, to that end, your surgeon will want to be sure that you understand what is involved.

However, by choosing a highly qualified surgeon who operates only in top CQC-approved clinics, you make an important step in minimising that risk. A surgeon who has a great deal of experience in mummy makeovers will be able to act quickly should complications arise.

You can take your own steps to making sure things don’t go wrong: if you are healthy and fit, you will better cope with surgery so get active and cut out the bad stuff ahead of the big day.

2. Is it going to be painful?

Your mummy makeover will happen when you are under general anaesthetic so you will not feel a thing. You are likely to feel groggy and tender afterwards; previous patients say they felt discomfort rather than pain – and this can be helped with painkillers.

3. I might not like the results…

During your Berkshire mummy makeover consultation with Mr Maisam Fazel you will get a very clear idea of what aesthetic results you can expect. Experience tells Mr Fazel that the better – and more realistic – idea the patient has of what to expect, the happier they are with the outcome.

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