How soon can I exercise after my mummy makeover?

You may have fallen out of love with exercise after it failed to shift your mummy tummy. And you’re not alone in this – just ask professional sportswoman Zara Phillips, whose decision to wear a figure-hugging dress to Royal Ascot sparked rumours that a second baby is on its way. A spokesman swiftly quashed the speculations, insisting the three-day-eventing royal is training hard for Rio 2016.

But back to the post-mummy-makeover you: now that the saggy skin has gone and the abdominal muscles are back in their correct position, you are probably itching to get back to the gym to hone and tone your new contours – but don’t go racing into anything…

Why do I need to take it easy?

You need to allow your body time to heal after surgery, both for it to shake off the effects of a general anaesthetic and for the incisions wounds to heal properly. By causing blood to rush around your body and to the healing area, strenuous activity can result in bleeding. Furthermore, it can also set back the healthy repair of muscles: during an abdominoplasty, a space is created between the skin and the abdominal wall and this space tends to fill uncomfortably with fluid when the post-tummy tuck patient is overly active.

Follow your surgeon’s advice

As a general rule, your tummy will need longer to recuperate than your breasts after your mummy makeover. While most patients can resume many normal activities after a fortnight, exercising is not usually a good idea until six weeks after your surgery. During your Essex mummy makeover consultation with cosmetic surgeon Mr Maisam Fazel you will discuss in detail the downtime required. After surgery, Essex-based Mr Fazel will send you home with comprehensive instructions on aftercare and follow up appointments will be scheduled where your readiness to get back on the treadmill can be reviewed.

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