How long does an eyelift last?

One hard and fast rule about aesthetic surgery is that nothing lasts forever. After all, how could it? Sure, a cosmetic procedure can turn back the clock, but it can’t stop it, and our faces and bodies will continue to age.

However, when it comes to blepharoplasty, the rules change. We always say that if you’re going to have any work done to your face as an anti-ageing tactic, eyelid rejuvenation is your best bet, and there are many reasons for this. Firstly, because the eye area is almost always the first part of the face other people look at for the first time. Secondly, because conditions such as upper eyelid droop can really affect a person, making them tilt their head back to focus more clearly.

Thirdly – and some would say, most importantly – it’s one of the longest-lasting facial procedures available.

Why blepharoplasty lasts so long

Any changes made by an eyelift procedure conducted by a skilled professional surgeon should be more or less permanent. Any fat removed from the eyelid during an upper blepharoplasty will not grow back – even if you gained a major amount of weight – and any bags removed during lower blepharoplasty shouldn’t reappear, either.

Most experts say that the effects of an eyelift will last between ten and fifteen years, but the deterioration will only be minor – so minor, in many cases, that most clients will feel it’s not really worth going back for a re-touch.

The main ageing-related problem with the eye area for people who have undergone a successful blepharoplasty is a descending of the brow, which can cause new folds to appear on the upper eyelids. However, this can only be corrected by a brow or facelift.

Eyelifts done properly

So, if you’re looking to sample the benefits of aesthetic surgery but are unsure what to go for to achieve instant rejuvenation – or you want maximum effect for a minimal outlay – we always recommend blepharoplasty. A modicum of retouching may be needed long down the line, but for the majority of people, blepharoplasty is a one-and-done procedure – especially when it’s done by a qualified surgeon.

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