How can I get the most out of my mummy makeover?

When faced with the unwelcome after-effects of pregnancy, just making the decision to have a mummy makeover can add a spring to your step – youthful contours may not be a thing of the past after all… The procedure will, however, require you to disrupt your busy routine and take some time out, and the results are irreversible – so just how do you make it the best experience possible? Here are five top tips.

1. Get close to your ideal weight.

A tummy tuck is not a weight-loss solution and the best aesthetic results are achieved when you are at or near your ideal weight. Not only that, but your newly shapely silhouette is best preserved by maintaining a steady weight. As Essex-based surgeon Mr Maisam Fazel explains to his mummy makeover patients, fluctuations in weight will only stretch and strain muscles and skin, undermining the improvements made by your abdominoplasty.

2. Get match fit.

Patients who are fit and healthy tend to bounce back from surgery quicker. Eat well, get active and cut down on stress.

3. Be organised.

Plan ahead for your recovery: draft in help with your chores and responsibilities and stock up on nourishing food and drink. By getting ahead you can create a happy healing space.

4. Choose your surgeon with care.

Your whole mummy makeover experience can be determined by the care you receive. Find a surgeon whom you trust to be honest with you, and who exerts no pressure on you to make a decision.

5. Be realistic.

During your Essex mummy makeover consultation with Mr Maisam Fazel you will discuss your motivations for and expectations of surgery. Mr Fazel is a surgeon with many years’ cosmetic surgery experience during which he has witnessed those patients with realistic expectations and an understanding of the limitations of surgery emerge the much happier with the final result.

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