Choosing the right breast implant

Deciding to undergo a breast implant is a lot trickier than saying; “I want new breasts – sort it out”. It’s a very personal decision, and one you’ll want to get right first time. So here are a few things to consider before you take the first step:

Forget cup size

…because an implant procedure is far more bespoke than that. In any case, and as you’re probably already aware, bra manufacturers size their products differently. The best implant procedures aren’t aiming to fit a bra – they’re aimed at fitting you.

Forget what other women with breast implants look like

Whether they’re people in a magazine or people you know, it’s worth remembering that breast enhancement can’t be bought off the peg, or is as simple as a hairdo. Women who achieve the best results from an implant are the ones who have the best procedure for them – and what looks good on them may not be right for you.

Factor in your body shape

Whether you want an enhancement or a reduction – or if you just want to look as like you used to – your current body shape is important. If you have a smaller frame, for example, you may be advised against larger-then-proportion implants, as they could affect your posture in the long term.

How do you want to be perceived?

You may have spent much of your life desiring a fuller figure, but do you want to stand out – in both senses of the word? Your personality has as much a part to play in the optimum shape you want as the way you already look.

Do you exercise or play sports?

If you do, and you want a larger bust, think carefully. It’s not that larger breasts will stop you from exercise and sports, but they will feel different – and you may find them cumbersome during workouts.

What shape do you want?

Most women find that a medium profile implant provides the desired shape to their new look, but it will be worth talking about what a high or low profile implant would look like.

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