Can I afford a mummy makeover?

Motherhood brings with it many rewarding moments. Often, the moments when it seems at its least rewarding are those spent in front of the mirror: as you ponder the mum tum, the thickened waist, the stubborn pockets of fat, the sagging boobs and the drooping nipples, can you even remember what you looked like before having babies took charge of your body?

At his Essex mummy makeover clinic, Mr Maisam Fazel sees an increasing number of mothers keen to recapture the confidence of their old self – but what of the cost? How do you go about making the right financial decision for you?

Be clear about what you are paying for

mummy makeover usually involves a breast lift (perhaps an augmentation too) and a tummy tuck. Some women opt for nipple correction and liposuction, too. During your Essex mummy makeover consultation, Mr Maisam Fazel will conduct a physical examination, listen to your goals, and then tailor a surgical plan to your individual needs.

But it is not just the procedure itself that you need to know about but the perioperative care: check with your clinic that you are being shown a full schedule of costs and, before committing, ensure there are no hidden ones.

Don’t let price be the deciding factor

There are many new providers reflecting the rise in popularity of cosmetic surgery. Some will offer deals that seem extremely attractive but when placing your health and appearance in someone else’s hands, you want to feel sure they have the skills, experience and training to deliver beautiful results – and do it safely.

When planning your post-maternity breast and body reshaping, resist the temptation to be guided by budget but rather by the track record of the surgeon and their clinic.

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