Beach Bodies: they’re not just for beaches or holidays

Another springtime, and another deluge of news stories and articles about how you should be ‘beach body ready’. And while it’s true that this is one of the busiest times of the year in the aesthetic clinic calendar, are we putting ourselves through too much pressure to look as good as possible for a one or two-week window?

Are we spending more on our holiday bodies…

It could be argued that last year saw the Holiday Body craze reach its peak, when UK clinics saw a 20% rise in bookings for nip-and-tuck procedures – many from people who, in the wake of the Brexit vote, decided to skip that year’s foreign holiday, spent their devalued currency at home on cosmetic treatment, and showed off their new bodies at a local beach instead. But if the endless articles and adverts are anything to go by, this year is going to be another bumper year for beach bodies.

… than we spend on the holiday itself?

While the rise of the holiday body craze suggests that people are spending a large sum of money in order to look good for a one or two-week period, we’re of the opinion that a lot more thought goes into it than first assumed. When you compare getting booked into a clinic for a toning procedure to the other thing people do at this time of the year – go on a crash diet, which either fails outright or causes even more weight gain in the long term – it’s clear that people are timing their procedures for maximum effect.

There are many reasons as to why people choose to undergo cosmetic procedures, and from our experience, the people who come to us aren’t doing it on a whim. And if it just so happens to coincide with the opportunity to show off their new body on a beach, all the better…

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