Will the results of my mummy makeover look natural?

There is a often a period of grace after having a baby when your hair shines, your breasts are magnificent, and weight drops off through happy exhaustion and breastfeeding. But, regrettably, this does not last. The weight may have gone, but it’s left a saggy draping of skin behind, and the breasts are not what they once were. Where at one time you were wearing clothes to accentuate the glorious curves, you are now desperately covering up the horror that lies beneath – this is often the point at which many women turn to Essex surgeon Mr Maisam Fazel for a mummy makeover. They do not, however, want to trade in one source of acute self-consciousness for another so how can you be sure that the final result looks like the natural you?

Choose your cosmetic surgeon with care

When putting your appearance in the hands of a cosmetic surgeon you want to feel confident in their surgical skill so check out their qualifications and experience. Are they on the GMC’s Specialist Register of Plastic Surgeons? For how long have they been performing the procedure and what is their patient satisfaction rate? However, it is not only their surgical credentials that make them the right surgeon for you, but also that they have an artistic eye to judge what changes would look natural.

Work with what you have got

During a mummy makeover consultation with Essex-based cosmetic surgeon Mr Maisam Fazel you will discuss at length your motivations and expectations. Mr Fazel will ask you to describe what you do and don’t like about your post-baby body and, after a physical examination, will tailor a surgical plan for your individual needs. If you require a breast augmentation, he will advise you on the most appropriate size implants for your frame, and will detail the locations and sizes of resulting scars, reassuring you that his surgical expertise will produce the finest scars possible.

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