Will my nipples lose sensation after my breast lift?

If you have been considering whether a mummy makeover is right for you, you have probably made a list of questions that need answering before you can make a decision. And it is possible that somewhere near the top of this list is the concern that a breast lift could result in nipple numbness.

How is nipple sensitivity affected after a breast lift?

Breast surgery involves the rearrangement of breast tissue that in turn has the potential to interfere with nerves serving the areola and nipples, resulting in altered nipple sensation. The risk of nerve damage during a straightforward breast lift is low; certain techniques – using periareolar incisions for example – carry a greater risk of nerve damage, as does a breast augmentation or a breast reduction. During your mummy makeover consultation, Essex surgeon Mr Maisam Fazel will explain the procedure he recommends for your individual case and describe the associated risks in detail. He will explain how important it is to select the correct size of implant if you require an augmentation: implants significantly larger than your natural size will overly stretch the skin and the sensory nerves that serve the areola and nipples.

How permanent is any numbness after a breast lift?

Should you experience any loss of sensation, it will most likely be a temporary situation. In all but the rarest cases, nipple sensitivity returns to normal six to 18 months after surgery. Consultant plastic surgeon Mr Fazel believes it is important that anyone considering a breast lift as part of their mummy makeover understands the risks involved and to this end devotes consultation time to discussing a patient’s objectives and priorities. Mr Maisam Fazel has particular expertise in breast care and reconstruction so patients attending his Essex clinic can feel confident they are in highly qualified hands.

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