Will I regret having a mummy makeover?

Ask many women how they felt about their bodies during pregnancy and they will say they have never felt more powerful, or special, or remarkable.

But what about afterwards, when the days of nursing and eating with impunity were past? When the breasts started to droop, missing the volume of the breastfeeding days, and the tummy refused to tone up and the fat began to accumulate stubbornly in new areas?

For many women, the post-baby body becomes not something to celebrate but something to conceal and this can steadily chip away at the self-confidence. A mummy makeover can address these areas of self-consciousness – but how can she know that cosmetic surgery is the right choice for her?

Think, talk and think again

Before embarking on a mummy makeover, it is important to know just what is involved physically, emotionally and financially – and whether you are prepared to endure that.

It is also essential that you understand why you are choosing to have a mummy makeover and that you are doing it to please only yourself.

During your Essex mummy makeover consultation, Mr Maisam Fazel will ask you about your goals and emphasise the need for realistic expectations in feeling satisfied with the final aesthetic results. He will also show you before-and-after photos of previous Essex patients so you can get a clear idea of what to expect.

Have you chosen the right surgeon?

If you have been thorough in your decision making process and have been honest with yourself about what you hope to achieve with a mummy makeover, you lessen the chances of regret – and to further safeguard against it, choose your surgeon with care.

Not only do you want someone whose skills have been proven and who has excellent surgical credentials and an artistic eye, but someone who you trust to be candid in their advice to you.

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