Why men should start thinking about tummy tucks

If you’re male, and you’ve paid the slightest bit of attention to aesthetic surgery trends, you’ll have noticed that the term ‘mummy makeover’ has popped up quite a lot in recent years. So you’ve obviously not paid it any attention. But maybe you should.

One of the key procedures involved in a Mummy Makeover is the tummy tuck – or to give it its official (and more masculine) name, abdominoplasty. And while an abdominoplasty is a very effective treatment for women who have undergone pregnancy, you could say that it’s an even more vital procedure for men who have lost weight and want to apply the final touch to their new shape.

Why would men need abdominoplasty?

It’s down to simple human biology. While female weight gain is distributed chiefly through the thighs, hips and buttocks, male weight gain is chiefly concentrated in the stomach area – in other words, the ‘beer gut’. We all know the dangers associated with stomach fat in men, so a lot of us do the right thing and get rid of it. Problem is that over time, the skin loses its elasticity, and thus its ability to snap back into shape. What’s left is a band of sagging skin that not only looks as unsightly as the original beer gut, it can also create discomfort when wearing tight clothes. An abdominoplasty can fix that..

What does abdominoplasty involve?

The procedure is relatively simple, although intensive, taking two to three hours to perform under general anaesthesia. We inject fluid under the abdominal skin in order to reduce bleeding, followed by – if required –liposuction, which eliminates any remaining fat.

After making a hip-to-hip incision, the excess skin is removed. If needed, we can also tighten and reposition your stomach muscles. Finally, temporary drains are fitted to remove excess blood and fluid, and the skin is sutured.

As you can see, it’s quite an intense procedure, but it’s also the best and most effective way to restore your pre-beer baby shape.

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