What you need to know about the cosmetic surgery consultation period

We treat consultation sessions with the utmost seriousness at Refresh: for us, it’s just as important as the actual procedure, because we’re essentially being interview by you for your business. As a potential client, it’s an invaluable step towards the look you want. You’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about doing something about your appearance: the consultation session makes everything seem more real.

The length of time for the ideal consultation is as long as a piece of string. Certain consultations can be over after 15 minutes – you tell us what you want, we demonstrate that we can do it, and you agree to us performing the procedure. Other consultations, due to the complexity of the procedure you want, can take over an hour: we need to make you totally aware of what you’re about to undergo, and be absolutely certain that you are well enough to have the procedure.

If in doubt, rule them out

The most important information you need to go away with after a consultation is that the practitioner is up to the job. You, as a client, have the right to know if the surgeon has had any malpractice claims and awards against them – both in the past and present – and it goes without saying that you should avoid any surgeon who has multiple malpractice claims or awards against them.

You should also be given a tour of the actual clinic, so you can be completely certain that everything is up to scratch. Reputable surgeons will also allow you to see their credentials, Before and After pictures, and a contact list of clients who have already undergone your chosen procedure – and will often pass them on without you even asking.

You have the right to know everything

Bottom line: if you come away from the consultation without knowing exactly what you need to do – and not do – in the run-up to the procedure, what is going to happen to you during and after the procedure, and that the surgeon has demonstrated that not only they can do what you want, but they’ve already done it successfully many times before, you should take your business elsewhere.

If you’re looking to take the first step towards the look that you want, make Refresh your first port of call.

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