What happens when breast implants are replaced?

On the face of it, breast implant revision surgery sounds like a very simple procedure in the book–remove old implants, replace them with new ones–but sometimes it isn’t, because there are many reasons as to why a patient would require replacement implants.

For example, the patient could have contracted capsular contracture–a hardening of the tissue around the implant which causes distortion of the breast. In certain instances, the implant has ruptured or leaked. In extreme cases, the implant has displaced, creating an abnormal shape of the breast.Breast implant revision: implants don’t last foreverAnd of course, the shelf-life of the implant could have run its course (they tend to last for ten years before a replacement is recommended), or the patient has decided to enlarge (or reduce) their breast shape.

Naturally, the nature of the procedure isn’t clear-cut, either. Sometimes, a simple swap-over is not always sufficient: there could be other procedures which may be required in order to attain the desired shape, such as removal of the capsule around the implant using the en-bloc technique, adjusting the pocket that the implant sits in, or performing a breast lift. Breast implant revision: make sure you see an expert Whatever the circumstance, it’s vital that you employ the right people for the job: breast implant replacement surgery requires a significant amount of thought and planning to ensure patients achieve their desired look, taking into account the changes that have occurred since you last underwent breast augmentation.

Mr Maisam Fazel has worked with many patients who have previously undergone breast surgery elsewhere, so they’re aware of what exactly has gone awry and what needs to be done to correct it.

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