What can I do to prepare for my mummy makeover?

When planning your mummy makeover, you are likely to experience several emotions at once: excitement about the results, apprehension about the surgery – and undoubtedly stress about the logistics of your recovery. At his Essex mummy makeover clinicMr Maisam Fazel often hears patients say that while they understand the need to allow plenty of downtime, with a family to look after they can’t just stop – is there anything they can do in advance?

1. Know what is involved.

Understanding what happens during the procedure is not only important in allowing you to make informed decisions, but it helps you to appreciate what kind of recovery you need to allow. During your consultation, Mr Fazel will talk you through the process of post-maternity abdominoplasty and breast reshaping, explaining the potential risks and side effects, and what to expect afterwards.

2. Get fit for surgery.

Patients in good health tend to bounce back more quickly after their mummy makeover; furthermore, having a lower BMI decreases the risk of complications during surgery. To give your body its best chance of a speedy recovery, treat it like a temple as the day of surgery approaches: embrace a healthy and nutritious diet, cut down on the bad stuff, and get active.

3. Line up help at home.

In the first few weeks after your mummy makeover at Mr Fazel’s Essex clinic, you will be limited in what you can lift but it is just not practical to avoid all these situations – so you need help on hand. On the home front, enlist someone to help you with your childcare and housekeeping responsibilities. If your job is physical, speak to your employer. By resisting the urge to rush back to your busy schedule, you give your body the opportunity to heal well – and for the optimal aesthetic results to be achieved.

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