What are the potential risks of a tummy tuck?

The female body does incredible things, stretching to allow a baby to grow and recalibrating itself after the birth. However, not all women’s bodies bounce back to their pre-baby shape – and no amount of stringent dieting and fanatical exercising seems to help. If you have a belly bulge that just won’t shift, the chances are that your abdominal muscles separated during pregnancy and they haven’t re-joined – and you’ve probably been left with excess saggy skin, too. It is a common condition and, for this reason, the tummy tuck, whether as a standalone procedure or as part of a mummy makeover, is a very popular post-pregnancy procedure. But is it a risky option?

What are the side effects?

During your Essex tummy tuck consultation, Mr Maisam Fazel will explain how all surgery has risks, the level of which will be affected by many factors including your general health and BMI. After surgery, there are three key abdominoplasty side effects of which to be aware. The first relates to mobility: initially, you may find standing up straight a challenge as there is a significant pull on your tummy but this will only be a temporary problem. You may also experience some numbness in the abdominal area but full sensation will return within a few weeks. Finally, there is a risk that your tummy tuck scars do not heal smoothly and you may require further surgery to improve the aesthetics. You can lessen the chance of this happening by following your surgeon’s aftercare instructions to the letter.

The risk of disappointment

A crucial part of the consultation stage is for patient and surgeon to discuss expectations. Before committing to a tummy tuck ask yourself if you are setting achievable goals; patients who have unrealistic expectations tend to be the less satisfied with the results. Essex-based surgeon Mr Maisam Fazel will give clear and candid guidance on the outcomes you can hope for, and will use his surgical skill and artistic eye to deliver the best results possible.

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