What are my options for post-baby breasts?

Having a baby can make you feel magnificent. It can make you look magnificent, too: ask women about their breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding and many will use words such as ‘impressive’ and ‘remarkable’ and even ‘glorious!’

Fast forward to the time when breastfeeding is a thing of the past and the bust is probably a long way from magnificent. In Mr Maisam Fazel’s Essex mummy makeover clinic, women use very different adjectives to describe their breasts: ‘droopy’, ‘sad’, ‘pathetic’. Other complaints are about distorted nipples and enlarged areolas.

The impact of these changes can be devastating for some women, robbing them of their body confidence, making them acutely self-conscious when undressed and having a profound effect on relationships. So what can be done to regain the shape of your pre-pregnancy days?

Breast augmentation

Also known as a ‘boob job’, this is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the UK. By carefully selecting the right shape and size implant for your frame, a breast augmentation can reintroduce volume and height to the breast with beautiful, natural looking results.

The procedure usually takes an hour and is performed under general anaesthetic.

Breast lift

This is also known as a mastopexy and is very popular among women who feel comfortable with the volume of their breasts but are dissatisfied with the way they sag.

During a mastopexy, excess skin is excised, tissues tightened and the breast is lifted higher onto the chest to its original position, thereby making the most of the residual volume. As well as looking fuller, they are firmer to the touch. Furthermore, a breast lift can improve the appearance of the nipples, repositioning downward-pointing ones, and reducing the size of the areola.

After a physical examination and discussion of your goals at your Essex mummy makeover consultation, Mr Maisam Fazel will advise you on the best way to achieve your desired results.

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