Top 3 common fears about mummy makeovers

If you’ve been trying in vain to recapture your pre-baby contours, a mummy makeover may sound like the answer to your prayers. Droopy breasts can be lifted, augmented or reduced and enlarged and misshapen nipples resized. Abdominal muscles can be re-joined, getting rid of that pouch that makes you look at best bloated, at worst several months’ pregnant again. Excess saggy skin on your tummy can be excised and stubborn pockets of fat removed by liposuction. The results can be very pleasing indeed – and give your self-confidence a much needed boost. However, choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery requires a great deal of thought and any decision must be an informed one.

Mummy makeover FAQs

At Essex cosmetic surgeon Mr Maisam Fazel’s clinic, prospective patients are encouraged to ask questions and to discuss their fears. Here are three of the most frequently voiced concerns.

  • Will I look like I’ve had ‘work’ done? In the hands of a skilled surgeon, the results of a mummy makeover will be beautiful and natural looking. The aim is to augment and work with the body’s natural shape rather than impose a new order. Mr Fazel will tailor the surgery to your own physique and requirements, advising you on the best breast re-shaping options, including the size of implants that will look most natural on you.
  • Will it hurt? A mummy makeover is performed using a general anaesthetic so you will be asleep throughout. In the immediate aftermath, you may experience some swelling and discomfort but any pain can be managed with painkillers.
  • Is it safe? All surgery carries an element of risk but placing yourself in the hands of a highly qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon is the safest way forward. Essex-based consultant surgeon Mr Maisam Fazel is fully accredited and has a wealth of experience in this area. He ensures that all Essex mummy makeover patients understand the potential risks of surgery from the outset.
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