The essentials of preparing for cosmetic surgery

If you’re considering your first cosmetic procedure, you can rest assured that all reputable and professional aesthetic surgery clinics have a comprehensive pre-surgery procedure which is geared towards ensuring that you will be fully instructed about what you’re about to go through. While the terms of your pre-op preparedness will vary from procedure to procedure, there are some hard and fast rules which apply to all procedures, and it’s worth going through them.

Preparing for cosmetic surgery: be honest about your medication

Your clinic will require a list of the medications you are currently being prescribed, in order to deduce whether you will be a suitable candidate for a non-necessary surgical procedure. They will then either give you the all-clear, or advise you to consult your GP to see if you can safely come off a certain medication for a while, or refuse to conduct the procedure.

Moreover, it is essential that you stay away from anti-inflammatory medicines for two weeks before the procedure. Here’s a list. If you need painkillers, you are advised to use Paracetamol.

Vitamins or alternative medicines that cause clotting – such as Vitamin E, ginseng, St. Johns Wort and Gingko Biloba – are also to be avoided for two weeks, unless the practitioner has approved their use. In short, whatever you’re taking, let your practitioner know.

Preparing for cosmetic surgery: keep your weight stable

Your cosmetic surgeon has drawn up a plan of action based on what you looked like during the consultation: any fluctuation in weight can not only affect the results, but can increase any risks during surgery. If you have gained more than five pounds since the consultation, the procedure may have to be cancelled.

Preparing for cosmetic surgery: keep us informed about health changes

It’s vitally important that you are in peak condition at the time of surgery, so if you experience a bout of illness – even if it’s a cold or a mild infection – during the two-week period before the procedure, you must contact the surgery and convey the details.

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