Soft Surgery: what is it?

One of the first signs of an ageing face is skin laxity – the decrease in elasticity in that’s located around the eye area. Whether it first appears in ‘hooding’ over the eyes, pouching beneath the lower lids, folds around the nose or mouth or sagging jawline, it’s an unwelcome sign.

No cuts, no stiches, no scars

Until recently, the only true solution to skin laxity was invasive cosmetic surgery, such as an eye lift or facelift. Although both of those procedures work they’re not for everyone. However, a recently new technique called Soft Surgery has become an option, and it really works on a range of issues from ageing eyes to skin blemishes – and it’s the perfect solution for people unwilling to undergo invasive surgery

Before we talk about what Soft Surgery is, it’s worth pointing out what it isn’t. It’s a completely non-invasive procedure, meaning that are no incisions to be made and no stiches required. It isn’t a risky procedure, there are hardly any side-effects, and the only actual downtime is the time you take off to have the procedure done – you can even return to work the same day if you want to.

How Soft Surgery works

Here at Refresh Cosmetic Surgery in Berkshire, we use the PLEXR Soft Surgery technique. It’s a tried and tested method that was developed in Italy over 40 years ago that has rocketed in popularity this decade, and for good reason.

The procedure begins with the application of anaesthetic cream to the upper and lower eyelids, which takes half an hour to numb the affected areas. When the client is ready, the Plexr wand – which creates a small electrical arch to the outer layer of the skin in order to deliver a plasma discharge to the affected area – is applied. The results are twofold: the plasma energy bolts vaporise excess skin and cleans up the treated area, while also boosting collagen formation under the skin – with zero scarring.

For more information on how PLEXR can take years off your face, click here.

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