So just what is a mummy makeover?

Having a baby is the most wonderful thing and the rewards are incomparable – but there can be no denying that it takes its toll on the female body. The abdominal muscles and the overlying skin are stretched to an astonishing degree to accommodate that growing bundle of joy and fat is redistributed around the body. And then there are the post-baby breasts: it seems as though they have gone on an epic journey of their own and full, pert breasts with regular shaped nipples are just a distant memory…

Is this the new reality?

The mummy tummy, a result of those abdominal muscles separating during pregnancy and declining to knit back together again, can make a woman look several months’ pregnant; to be mistakenly congratulated on a new pregnancy is simply demoralising. And saggy breasts with misshapen nipples do little to boost a woman’s self esteem. Many of the women Mr Maisam Fazel sees in his Essex mummy makeover clinic yearn for the confidence and femininity of their old selves and seek surgery to get them back on that track.

What happens during a mummy makeover?

During your consultation, Essex-based cosmetic surgeon Mr Maisam Fazel will discuss with you the extent of your mummy makeover. The abdomen can be reshaped with a tummy tuck, repositioning and tightening the muscles of the abdominal wall, using liposuction to remove stubborn pockets of fat, and excising any excess skin to leave a taut and toned finish. The breasts can be lifted by a mastopexy, or augmented with implants, improving their position and volume, and the nipples can be corrected. Mr Fazel is a highly trained and skilled mummy makeover surgeon with many years’ experience of producing beautiful and natural looking results for many proud mothers, keen to recapture some of their pre-pregnancy confidence.

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