Roll away imperfections with Dermaroller

Summer may be over, but the damage it’s caused can linger on, causing lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and maybe even brought on acne scarring. Luckily, there’s a treatment with can correct those flaws safely, quickly and efficiently.

Dermaroller works on damaged skin by deploying a multitude of microneedles which painlessly stimulates the surface area, which promotes an increase in natural collagen and elastin production. Not only that, but the Dermaroller treatment also improves the circulation – which can kick-start the natural repair and regeneration of the treated area deep within the skin layers.

No chemicals used

A typical Dermaroller procedure is quick, simple and relatively harmless: you’ll have a topical anaesthetic applied to the area of treatment 30 minutes beforehand, which is followed by a brief session where the Dermaroller is pressed and moved across the treatment area. Each pass of the microneedles will create extremely tiny punctures across the skin, which initiates a healing process that regenerates the area in need of attention.

What our clients love about Dermaroller treatment is the fact that it’s a completely chemical-free treatment: all that happens is the deployment of microscopic punctures, which activate and maximises a natural healing process.

The bare minimum of downtime

Post-treatment symptoms will include a reddening of the skin – which fades after a couple of days at most. It goes without saying that there will be an element of mild discomfort during the treatment, although that depends on what part of the body is being treated. While clients usually experience dryness and flakiness in the treated area a couple of days after the treatment, that’s merely a natural consequence of the increased production of skin cells. After as little as a week, there is a visibly smoother and healthier appearance in the treated area – and studies conclude that skin improvements have developed for up until six months afterwards.

For more information on the benefits of this very effective treatment, please consult our Dermaroller page.

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