Refresh yourself for party season

If you’re looking for a finishing touch to help you look your absolute best during the wave of Christmas and New Year’s parties, here’s a brief selection of what we can do for you between now and December…

Brighten up your eyes with PLEXR

If you want instant results without a long procedure or recovery period, PLEXR soft surgery is ideal. After anaesthetic cream has been applied to the eyelids, and a half-hour period to allow the affected areas to numb, the PLEXR wand – a special applicator which creates a small electrical arch to the outer layer of the skin, delivering a plasma discharge to the affected area – is deployed. This harmlessly vaporises excess skin and cleans up the treated area, and delivers a boost to the collagen formation under the skin.

Unwrap a new look with a peel

Peels are a great technique for resetting skin that has been naturally damaged by exposure to sunlight, as well as those of us who suffer from pigmentation and skin texture problems and blemishes. It’s a treatment that has been in circulation for decades, and it works – by taking away the thin outer layer of skin damaged by sunlight, natural oils and make-up and allowing a fresh, clean layer to take its place.

Have a white Christmas with Liquid Smile

If you’re dreading the endless photo sessions of the festive season, Liquid Smile is the best teeth-whitening solution on the market. Available only from dental and medical professionals, it’s a unique pain-on whitening pen that takes less than a minute to apply, is easy to use, and gets results within two weeks.

Treat yourself at home with Obagi

If you’re looking for gifts – or want to restock your bathroom cabinet for 2018 – Obagi is the name to drop. It’s a brand of skin care products designed to develop and maintain healthy skin through an advanced line of cleansers, toners, eye creams, sunscreens, serums and other beneficial products.

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