People look at my tummy and ask if I’m pregnant – but I’m not!

For most new mothers a certain ‘dishevelment’ follows the arrival of children. Your clothes aren’t quite the right fit, your hair doesn’t behave like it used to (and, frankly, getting to the hairdresser requires a full support team), and a clean top is a magnet for sticky hands.

Some lucky women sail through this stage swiftly and with a minimum of fuss – outwardly, at least – but for others it can drag on and on.

Eventually, however, a time does come when you do find time and energy to shift the baby weight, and even to think about your appearance once again in terms of a style rather than simply a practical solution – so it’s immensely dispiriting when you think you’re back on track to find that others’ eyes are drawn to your tummy bulge, speculating on more ‘happy news’.

I exercise all the time – it’s still not flat!

This is a refrain often heard in Mr Maisam Fazel’s Berkshire tummy tuck clinic. Some women suffer from a condition called diastasis recti in which the abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy. When they fail to knit back together after the baby has been born, you may be left with a bulge that stubbornly resists all attempts to iron it out.

Can surgery help?

A tummy tuck – or abominoplasty – is a relatively straightforward procedure designed to re-contour the abdomen, tightening muscles slackened by pregnancy, and removing excess, saggy skin. During a Berkshire tummy tuck consultation, top Berkshire cosmetic surgeon Mr Maisam Fazel will ask you about your objectives and your medical history before conduction a physical examination.

Mr Fazel will then tailor a Berkshire tummy tuck plan to your individual needs, giving you a clear indication of the improvements you can expect as you take steps away from having a ‘mum tum’ and towards a smoother, tidier silhouette.

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