Need a lift? Time to consider a Mastopexy (breast lift)

There are many reasons breasts start to sag. Sometimes it’s down to the ageing process, and gravity starting to take over. It’s a common side-effect of motherhood and breastfeeding. Even significant weight loss can be the culprit.

Whatever the reason, you can rest assured that it’s a complaint which can be corrected. The procedure we deploy for sagging breasts is known as mastopexy–but you may know it as abreast lift.

What can a breast lift do for your shape?

A mastopexy procedure essentially reshapes the breasts, creating a more firm and youthful-looking contour. Surplus skin is removed, nipples are re-aligned to accommodate the new shape, and the size can be enhanced or taken down at the same time, should you require it. And if you’re unhappy with the size of your areola, it can be reduced as well.

What does a breast lift procedure involve?

A typical breast lift procedure involves an incision–either around the areola, or around the areola and down to the crease at the bottom of the breast, or around the areola and down to the breast crease and horizontally along the breast crease. This is followed by lifting and reshaping of the breast tissue and repositioning the nipples and areola. In certain cases, enlarged areolas can be reduced, and excess breast skin can be removed. Finally, the incisions are closed up. You will be able to leave the surgery immediately after a breast lift procedure, although you may be required to wear a thin tube under the skin to drain any excess blood or fluid, and you will be advised to wear an elastic bandage or support bra to minimise swelling and offer extra support.

You will also be advised on what medication to take to aid healing and avoid the possibility of infection.For more information on what this procedure can do for your shape and self-esteem, please consult our breast lift section

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