My post-baby breasts droop – but I don’t want implants…

You may have been prepared to pile on the pounds during pregnancy – but were you expecting that to happen to your breasts? For many women, the wonder as they observe their breasts swell in the early stages of motherhood often gives way to dismay as the volume just vanishes. Where once a pert pair of breasts perched, a couple of formless boobs now droop. A breast augmentation with implants can produce fantastic results, restoring youthful shape to the chest, but this isn’t a route that everyone wants to take. So what are your options if implants aren’t for you?

A breast lift can rejuvenate your silhouette

A mastopexy (breast lift) without augmentation is a very popular procedure, raising and reshaping saggy breasts. During the procedure which is performed under general anaesthetic, Essex cosmetic surgeon Mr Maisam Fazel will trim the excess skin and tighten the supporting tissue, lifting the breasts to sit higher on the chest. The result is an uplifted, youthful shape that is firmer to the touch. Mr Fazel can also reshape and reposition the nipples and areolas if required.

Am I suitable candidate for a breast lift?

During your Essex breast lift consultation, Mr Maisam Fazel will conduct a physical examination, take your medical history and discuss your reasons for and expectations of surgery. A good candidate for the procedure will be in good general health, able to maintain a stable weight and have completed their family. The reason for the latter two criteria is that the aesthetic results of your breast lift will be undermined by significant fluctuations in weight. Furthermore, Mr Fazel will emphasise the importance of having realistic expectations of the procedure as experience tells him that those patients who understand the limitations of surgery tend to be more satisfied with the final outcome.

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