My breasts just don’t look the same after having a baby…

Pregnancy can make you marvel at the ingenuity of your body: its ability to grow and nurture a baby is truly remarkable. It is very probable that your enhanced breasts left you momentarily speechless, if not during pregnancy certainly in the weeks after delivery. But with the pregnancy and breastfeeding days behind you, and your body no longer physically required, things happen to it that are significantly less awe-inspiring…

Are breast implants my only option?

Not at all. For many women who stare despondently in the mirror at their new bust, enlarged breasts are not what they long for; rather, they simply want something akin to what they had before: breasts that are even and don’t sag, nipples that don’t point south, areolas that aren’t stretched. In his Essex mummy makeover clinic, Mr Maisam Fazel sees many women who don’t want to say goodbye completely to the buoyant breasts of their youth; for many of these patients, Mr Fazel will advise a mastopexy – a breast lift. This relatively straightforward procedure tightens supporting tissues and trims excess skin, resulting in more elevated, firm breasts. A breast lift can also reposition drooping nipples and reduce the size of the areola, giving a much-welcome boost to a woman’s body-confidence.

Will a mastopexy change the size of my breasts?

While a breast lift is the ideal solution for some, there are many women who feel their post-maternity breasts need more than a lift. For those women who have gained extra – but sagging – volume, a breast reduction may be appropriate. Conversely, those who require increased volume, especially in the upper pole of the breast, an augmentation can produce some very pleasing, natural-looking results. During your Essex mummy makeover consultation with Mr Fazel, you will discuss your objectives so that Mr Fazel can tailor a surgical plan to your individual needs.

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