My big boobs are giving me backache

While some women wish they had a more formidable cleavage, there are many who wish they had anything but.

Large breasts are not always a blessing; if they are disproportionate to your frame they can cause a number of issues, ranging from general embarrassment and clothing problems to tingling nerves and headaches.

When patients present at Mr Maisam Fazel’s Berkshire breast reduction clinic, one of the most frequently listed ailments is backache.

Why does having large breasts affect my back?

The pressure exerted on the nerves in your back, between your shoulder blades and the thoracic area is increased by the forward rolling posture heavy breasts brings about. This excess weight on the chest can put strain on the back, the shoulders, the neck and sometimes cause numbness in the arms.

Over time, it can lead to improper posture, skeletal deformity and even shortness of breath. Sometimes it’s just not healthy to simply put up with what you’ve got.

What does a breast reduction involve?

After a general anaesthetic has been administered, Mr Fazel will make either an incision around the nipple that then extends down the breast and along the crease (an anchor incision), or two circular incisions around the nipple.

The type of incision will depend on the extent of the reduction required (this will be discussed and planned during your Berkshire breast reduction consultation) as will the length of surgery, but most procedures take somewhere between one and three hours. He will then remove glandular tissue and fat before tightening the skin.

The result will be smaller, lighter breasts that are more in proportion to your frame. In the immediate aftermath, you will feel groggy and tender but within a fortnight most breast reduction patients feel able to resume normal activities – and are keen to get on and enjoy their new sensation of lightness.

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