Is it time to tighten up?

One of the more infuriating facts of life is that as we mature, our skin’s elasticity declines. And – as many of us have discovered – skin that has been used to accommodating excess body weight doesn’t always snap back into place after that weight has gone. And there’s nothing worse than undergoing a diet and exercise regime and hitting your target weight only to discover that you’re unsatisfied with your new look.

Some people can deal with the look of a post-weight loss regime body – but if not one of them, there are a range of aesthetic surgery options that can provide the finishing touch…


When women lose large amounts of weight, one area which suffers most are the breasts. A Mastopexy – otherwise known as a breast uplift – is designed to restore their size, contour and elevation.


If you’ve undergone dramatic weight loss, either on your own terms or with the help of gastric band surgery, you may have an unsightly overhang of skin around your abdomen. Abdominoplasty surgery – better known as the tummy tuck – is often the best option in this case, as it removes excess skin and fatty tissue.

Arm and thigh lifts

When there’s sagging in either extremity, the excess skin can trimmed down in order to restore and optimise their original shape.  A Brachioplasty – better known as an arm lift – takes care of the upper extremities: a thigh lift handles the lower ones.

Because whatever excess skin issue you may have will be unique, you will be fully consulted and given a range of options on the work we feel needs to be done. So if you’ve done as much as you can to get back to your ideal weight, we can help you achieve the shape to match.

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