Introducing PLEXR Soft Surgery

If you feel you’re losing the youthful vitality of your complexion, the most likely reason is that you’re suffering from a decline in skin laxity. As time goes on, our skin gradually loses its ‘elasticity’, and it begins to show in our face.  If you’re experiencing ‘hooding’ over the eyes, pouching beneath the lower lids, folds around the nose or mouth or a sagging jawline, you’re already experiencing a decline in skin laxity.

Can skin laxity be fixed?

The answer is ‘Yes’. For years, the best way to deal with this would be to undergo a surgical procedure – and while that works, a lot of people still aren’t comfortable with the idea of going under the knife, for many different reasons.

However, there’s now a state-of-the-art alternative: Soft Surgery. No incisions to be made, no stitches required, the bare minimum of side-effects and the only actual downtime you need to factor in is the time you take off to have the procedure done. If you needed or wanted to, you could undergo a course of Soft Surgery in the morning and be back at work in the afternoon.

Vape your excess skin away

For many skin laxity issues, we deploy the PLEXR Soft Surgery technique: we begin with an application of anaesthetic cream to the upper and lower eyelids, which takes half an hour to numb the affected areas.

When the client is fully prepared, we take a PLEXR wand – a device which creates a small electrical arch – to the outer layer of the skin. The reason for this is so we can deliver a plasma discharge to the affected area in order to painlessly vaporise excess skin and clean up the treated area, while also boosting collagen formation under the skin.

If you want to face up to skin laxity and turn back the clock, visit our Soft Surgery page for further information.

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