How noticeable will my breast reduction scars be?

Having very large breasts can cause a multitude of problems ranging from difficulty in finding clothes that fit well and an aversion to exercising in public to low self-esteem and chronic back pain.

Many of the women who enquire about breast reduction surgery at Mr Fazel’s Berkshire clinic will have spent years contemplating this option and say it’s not just that their bust is literally large, but that it plays an overly dominant role in their life, influencing all manner of decisions. However, while they want a more discreet bust, they are often apprehensive about the degree of scarring breast reduction surgery may leave them with.

What will the scars look like?

Mr Maisam Fazel uses two different incision techniques: either an anchor incision encircling the nipple and extending down the breast and along the breast crease, or two circular incisions around the nipple. During your Berkshire breast reduction consultation, Mr Fazel will listen to your objectives and conduct a physical examination.

He will then tailor a surgical plan to your needs and frame, explaining which technique will be most appropriate. The scars will initially be red and swollen but they are positioned where they can be concealed by a bra or swimwear. The scars will not entirely disappear but will, over time, fade and become increasingly discreet.

Can I do anything to improve my breast reduction scars?

The most important step is to choose your surgeon carefully. In choosing a cosmetic surgeon with specific experience of reduction mammoplasty, who has been trained to the highest degree and who continually keeps their skills updated, you are placing yourself in the safest hands – and hands that can produce the most delicate results.

Diligent care of the wounds after surgery, and adherence to advice such as that on avoiding smoking and staying out of the sun, will all help to reduce the visual impact of the scars.

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