How long will my facelift last?

We all know what the immediate benefits of facial cosmetic surgery are: a part of your face or body that has been bothering you for ages gets tightened, or reshaped, or corrected, offering an instant transformation. Thanks to technological advances and the use of safer materials, procedures are safer than ever. But how long will the effects of a facelift last?

It depends on skin quality

If your skin is still rich in elasticity, it’ll have a greater chance of snapping into place after surgery and staying there. If you have issues with skin laxity, there will be a greater chance of the procedure needing a top-up sooner rather than later. Obviously, age is a factor: clients under the age of 60 will tend to have longer-lasting results than clients over the age of 60.

It depends on the procedure

The effects of a threadlift tend to last six months to a year, while a mini facelift works for two to four years. A revision facelift holds in place for two to seven years, while a skin-only facelift can last from three to six years. A facelift with SMAS treatment and volume restoration can last for five to eight years.

It depends on your lifestyle

If you have been or are a smoker, you’ve been hampering your blood flow and accelerating the ageing process. If you’re a heavy drinker, you’ve been dehydrating your skin. If you’re overweight, or have gone through extreme weight loss, you’ve sacrificed a modicum of skin elasticity. If you’ve been a sun-worshipper, that’s taken a lot out of your skin too.

It depends on the skill of the surgeon

The better the surgeon, the better the procedure – and the better your chances are of a longer-lasting facelift. If you want more information, and want to book a consultation session with the experts, please get in touch at your earliest convenience

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