How long will a facelift last?

The immediate benefits of cosmetic surgery are obvious – and recent technological advances mean that procedures are safer and more effective than ever. But there’s still one factor that the general public is unaware of: how long will the effects of a procedure such as a facelift last? The simple answer is: it depends on many factors …

It depends on your skin

Obviously, the condition of your skin is a huge factor. If it’s still rich in elasticity, it will have a greater chance of snapping back into place after surgery and staying there. If a client has issues with skin laxity, there’s a greater chance of the procedure needing a top-up sooner rather than later.

 It depends on your age

This ties in somewhat with your skin condition, for obvious reasons – but a quick rule of thumb is that clients under the age of 60 tend to have longer-lasting results than clients over the age of 60.

It depends on the skill of the surgeon

There’s no substitute for skill, experience, and quality. The better the surgeon, the better the procedure – and the better your chances are of a longer-lasting facelift. It’s massively important that do your homework on your chosen surgeon before taking the plunge on a cosmetic procedure. Check their qualifications and reviews. Talk to former clients. Scan their Before and After pictures.

It depends on your lifestyle

If you have been or are a smoker, you’ve been hampering your blood flow and accelerating the ageing process, which causes premature wrinkling. If you’re a heavy drinker, you’ve been dehydrating your skin. If you’re overweight or have gone through extreme weight loss, you’ve sacrificed a modicum of skin elasticity. If you’ve been a sun-worshipper, that’s taken a lot out of your skin too.

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