How do I choose the right surgeon for my mummy makeover?

If you have decided not to put up with the saggy bits that childbearing has left you with and resolved to go down the cosmetic surgery route, the next task is to find the right surgeon for you. Choosing a clinic for your mummy makeover can be a bewildering job, with some providers offering enticing deals, and others using language that confuses you further – just what do those letters after the surgeon’s name signify? Here are three tips to help you with your search.

  • Do check your surgeon’s credentials. When you are placing your health and your looks in someone’s hands, you want to feel confident that they are vastly experienced and trained to the highest degree – so do quiz your surgeon. As a bare minimum, you should check that they are on GMC’s (General Medical Council) specialist register of plastic surgeons, but do ask about their wider experience and how they keep their skills up to date.
  • Do ask to see before and after mummy makeover photos. One of the most commonly voiced concerns at consultant surgeon Mr Maisam Fazel’s Berkshire mummy makeover clinic is ‘will it look natural?’ Mr Fazel’s goal is to produce beautiful, natural looking results that work in harmony with the body – and he will be glad to share his photographic portfolio with you for you to make your own judgement on both his artistic and surgical skills.
  • Do consult your instinct. If your surgeon ticks all the boxes in terms of qualifications and experience then consider if you enjoy a good rapport with them. It is important to feel that you can trust your surgeon to be candid, and that their advice is tailored around your needs rather than commercial interests. During a mummy makeover consultation at his Berkshire clinic, Mr Maisam Fazel offers a bespoke approach, giving honest and detailed guidance that is unique to each patient.
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