How can I make the results of my tummy tuck last?

Trying to get rid of that tummy bulge after having a baby can be a frustrating effort. Surely sticking to a strict diet and spending multiple hours in the gym will result in a flat, toned tummy – surely? For many women it just won’t. The muscles that separated during pregnancy resist knitting back together, and the skin that was stretched beyond its elasticity refuses to ping back. In these cases, a tummy tuck can be a positive step, re-contouring the abdomen and restoring a taut, smooth finish. Once done, you will likely want the results to last forever – so how do you go about preserving them? Here are three key steps:

1. Get as close as possible to your ideal weight.

A tummy tuck is not a weight loss procedure, rather a means of tightening the muscles and skin once the excess weight has been lost. Moreover, being at or near your ideal weight at the time of surgery will give you the best aesthetic outcome.

2. Maintain that weight.

Any significant change in weight will undermine the results. While putting on weight will stretch the skin once more, losing more weight after your tummy tuck will detract from the newly created contours. Essex-based surgeon Mr Maisam Fazel finds that most of his patients are so happy with the results of their tummy tuck that they willingly adopt a healthy, active lifestyle.

3. Don’t rush your recovery.

When you go home after your Essex tummy tuck, Mr Fazel will give you aftercare instructions which will include advice on wound care, exercises to avoid and for how long to wear a compression garment to aid healing. By following his guidance to the letter and allowing yourself plenty of time and space to heal, you enable a sound recovery which in turn improves the longevity of the aesthetic results.

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